10 tonnes of Jasmine rice for New Zealand


I am wanting your cheapest price on 10 tonnes of Jasmine rice 
and a price of 10 tonne of your cheapest rice.
 DO you do packaging of the rice if I gave you a design.
I want to try a new brand to import to New Zealand .
If you do do packaging can you give 
me a price to package the 10tonne per 400grams packets

Thanks for your time
Posted on : January 23rd, 2012
Category : Rice Buyers, Rice Importers, Rice Leads
Posted By: Rice Supplier

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  1. Swap Says:

    We have a High Range Of Rice of a Excellent Quality
    Which ever Rice YOU want I can make that available at a very low cost.
    Rice Range Starting from 710 US$ /Matric Ton till 2500 US$/ Metric Ton
    Minimum Amount of Order We can take Is 1 Container Because we have to book a container in a Ship for every order so its complsary that u may give order at least that much.
    If any Enquirer please mail me at dadlaniswapnika@yahoo.co.nz , I’ll give u any enquirer you want. Or if u want any sample picture or anything related to this please contact me.
    Thank You
    Swapnika Dadlani

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