Month: May 2011

Wild Rice ( HISTORY )

MANOMIN…. RIZ SAUVAGE…. WILD RICE Wild Rice is an aquatic cereal grain that grows “wild” in isolated lake and river bed areas located primarily within the continent of North America. It is also native to ecologically similar regions located on the continent of Asia. This evolutionarily ancient grain has been found in layers of the earth dating back some 12,000 years. In addition to its role as an important food staple for ancestral peoples, it has provided a unique habitat for fish and waterfowl for thousands of years.. In North America, the species, Zizania palustris, is found (primarily) in areas west and north of the Great Lakes. In addition, there are several other species that grow in limited quantities in other North American locations. Zizania aquatica is found growing in isolated pockets from New Jersey to Florida. And, Zizania texana is found growing in the San Marcos River area located just north of San Antonio, Texas. Also, the species, Zizania latifolia can be found growing in various regions of Asia. LAKE, RIVER and FARM GROWN VARIETIES of WILD RICE Each year, U. S. lake & river producers harvest approximately 0.5 million pounds of the “wild” varieties of Wild Rice. In addition, Canadian lake & river producers harvest roughly 3.5 million pounds of the “wild” varieties of Wild Rice. Combined totals of these “wild” varieties harvested each year amount to...

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