Month: July 2011

Rice Recipes

The you can find the largest rice recipes collection online. If you love rice, and are in need of fun and delicious new recipes, then please use our huge recipe database. We offer recipes such as Chicken Fried Rice, Garlic Rice, Rice Pudding, Red Beans And Rice, and many others.  Get the recipes directly from the recipe sites below.   Please come...

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List of Rice Varieties by Country

Major categories There are four major categories of rice worldwide: Indica, japonica, aromatic and glutinous.[1] African varieties African rice (not Oryza sativa but a different species, known as Oryza glaberrima.) New Rice for Africa Australian varieties Amaroo[disambiguation needed] – semi-dwarf medium grain Reiziq – semi-dwarf medium grain Jarrah – semi-dwarf medium grain Koshihikari – tall short grain Japonica style Opus[disambiguation needed] – semi-dwarf short grain Japonica style Illabong – semi-dwarf arborio style Langi[disambiguation needed] – semi-dwarf long grain, soft cooking (low amylose) Doongara – semi-dwarf long grain, hard cooking (high amylose) Kyeema – tall long grain, fragrant Bangladeshi varieties Chinigura Rice Kalijira Rice – similar to basmati and jasmine rice but with very tiny, short grains, resembling sushi rice Kataribhog Rice Paijam Rice Najirshail Rice Balam Rice Binni Rice BrriDhan – This is a group of high yielding rice varieties developed by Bangladesh Rice Research Institute. Hori Dhan Irri Rice Miniket Rice Hamim Bhutanese varieties Bhutanese red rice – like brown rice but semi-milled. See Brown rice. Cambodian varieties Phka Malis(ផ្កាម្លិះ) – similar to fragrant Thai Jasmine rice Neang Khon(នាងខុន) Phka Khnei(ផ្កាខ្ញី) – another fragrant variety, phka meaning “flower”. Neang Minh(នាងខុន) – long grain rice Phka Romdul(ផ្ការំដូល) Bonla Pdao(បន្លាផ្ដៅ) Sen Kro Ob(សែនក្រអូប) Sen Pi Dao(ែសនពិដេា) Canadian varieties Wild Rice Chinese varieties Forbidden rice Dominican varieties Prosequisa 4 Prosequisa 5 Prosequisa 10 Juma 57 Juma 58 Juma 66 Juma 67...

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Rice Production By Country

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the U.N., 80% of the world rice production comes from 7 countries. However, if we talk about world rice production 2009-2010, the figures below show the worldwide rice production by countries- in fact, the top ten countries of world counted for their rice production. Country Rice Production China Mt: 166,417,000 (32.7%) India Mt: 132,013,000 (26.0%) Indonesia Mt: 52,078,832 (10.2%) Bangladesh Mt: 38,060,000 (7.5%) Vietnam Mt: 34,518,600 (6.8%) Thailand Mt: 27,000,000 (5.3%) Myanmar Mt: 24,640,000 (4.8%) Philippines Mt: 14,031,000 (2.8%) Brazil Mt: 10,198,900 (2.0%) Japan Mt: 9,740,000 (1.9%) There has been a major decline in world rice production since late 2007 due to many reasons including climatic conditions in many top rice producing countries as well as policy decisions regarding rice export by the governments of countries with considerable rice...

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Fastest-declining Rice Imports by Country

Fastest-declining Rice Imports by Country The 10 nations below decreased their milled rice imports the most in 2004. Indonesia … 390,830 tons (down 76% in 2004) Bangladesh … 991,810 tons (down 20.7%) Brazil … 852,080 tons (down 20.1%) Nigeria … 1.4 million tons (down 12.6%) North Korea … 702,000 tons (down 12.5%) Mexico … 459,210 tons (down 8.6%) Senegal … 822,550 tons (down 7.6%) Japan … 662,020 tons (down 6.2%) South Africa …744,840 tons (down 5.8%) Russia (Europe) … 618,460 tons (down...

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Fastest-growing Rice Imports by Country

Fastest-growing Rice Imports by Country Rice deliveries to the following 10 countries rose the fastest in 2004 from the prior year. Sri Lanka … 240,700 tons (up 597.3% in 2004) China … 928,210 tons (up 129.4%) Benin … 476,490 tons (up 124.8%) Saudi Arabia … 1.2 million tons (up 78%) Oman … 149,830 tons (up 64.5%) Kuwait … 150,620 tons (up 54.2%) South Korea … 209,320 tons (up 46%) Malaysia … 523,660 tons (up 42.1%) United Arab Emirates … 717,710 tons (up 28.6%) Canada … 334,320 tons (up...

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