Month: August 2011

List of Rice Mills

Barkat Rice Plot No. 220-221, Street No. 1, Industrial Area I-10/3 Islamabad PK Tel: (+92-51) 4443569, 4440859 Fax: (+92-51) 4436534 ,4445687   Beaumont Rice Mills < RICE GROWERS, MILLERS & DISTRIBUTORS Phone: 1-409-832-2521 Fax: 1-409-832-6927 Email:   Conrad Rice Mill PO Box 10640 New Iberia, LA 70562-0640 USA Phone: 337-364-7242 Fax: 337-365-5806 Toll Free in the United States: 800-551-3245  ...

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Rice Hulls & Rice Husk Uses

Rice hulls (or rice husks) are the hard protecting coverings of grains of rice. In addition to protecting rice during the growing season, rice hulls can be put to use as building material, fertilizer, insulation material, or fuel.   Rice hulls are the coating for the seeds, or grains, of the rice plant. To protect the seed during the growing season, the hull is made of hard materials, including opaline silica and lignin. The hull is mostly indigestible to humans. One practice, started in the seventeenth century, to separate the rice from hulls, it to put the whole rice into a pan and throw it into the air while the wind blows. The hulls are blown away while the rice fell back into the pan. This happens because the hull isn’t nearly as dense as the rice. These steps are known as winnowing. During the milling process, the hulls are removed from the grain to create brown rice, the brown rice is then milled further to remove the bran layer to become white rice.   Use A number of rice-producing countries, (e.g. Thailand), are currently conducting research on industrial uses of rice hulls. Some of the current and potential applications are listed below. Chemistry Rice hulls can be used to produce mesoporous molecular sieves (e.g., MCM),[1][2] which are applied as catalysts for various chemical reactions, as a support for...

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