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Rice Authority is the full-line rice exporters, rice supplier, rice dealer, rice trader and rice miller of the finest quality rice varieties available in the World. With the cooperation and partnerships with the largest Rice Mills and rice exporters in Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America with some other millers from other parts of the world. We export mostly from rice producing countries like Vietnam,  USA, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Brazil etc… we now offer the most affordable rices at wholesale prices on the market and yet deliver highest quality rice with prompt shipments and delivery to establishments, government agencies, corporations, institutions and importers from every part of the world. Not only does our company export rice we also cater Rice Milling, Wholesale Trading, Supplying and Retailing. Our Millers buy directly from farmers to the rice mills and from there shipped to our buyers such as rice suppliers, dealers, traders, retailers, importers and rice exporters we have been known to foster fair trade.

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Our operations are closely monitored from transport, storage, packaging and delivering, ensuring our client’s satisfaction. All our rice mills are equipped with latest state of the art rice milling machineries operated by well trained and skilled staff who has been in the business for decades. They are well supervised with the strictest quality controls and inspections at every stage ensuring each process meets our products high standards.


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Rice Authority serves all major divisions of the rice industry may it be food service, exporting, importing,  retail, private label and industrial for import or export.  We offer all local varieties from every country and sizes you desire. For exporting or importing from country to country by metric ton, ship loads or packaging please contact us for a quote.

Our strength lies in efficiency and promptness of services as well as in effectiveness of transportation facilities whereby customers worldwide are assured of complete reliability.


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Rice Authority is supplying rice directly from major rice mills from around the world our millers are specialized in there business focusing on the products quality.  So whether you are a small time dealer or big time retailer or entrepreneur planning to start up a rice business or a long time businessmen venturing into trading, import or export, if you are into Food Related Business/Establishments and wholesale for company consumption, we can supply your rice needs with top quality rice.


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We can supply the cheapest rice available on the market, cheaper than any of your current suppliers as we get the rice at very large volume at lower prices, when you order large quantities of rice from our company you will get discounts though the price per metric ton varies depending on the quantity ordered. Also please do take note that price of rice varies accordingly due to the change in volume of supply and demand in general. As of today, contact us and request a price list for New and Laon Rice.
Exporters and Importers are welcome or people who are into Commodity Trading contact us for a quote.


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We export rice to many countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, Sierre Leone, Saudi Arabia etc… with Philippines as the largest importer of rice and our clients from around the world be it small time to big time. A businessman starting a complete rice dealership or rice dealer business in there country is the most lucrative business available in most part of the globe everyone needs rice as it is there staple diet for many nationalities, there is always a demand for rice retailers, dealers, suppliers, traders in every city of world.

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We look forward to hearing from all serious Rice Buyers who are looking for Rice Sellers to finalize real import purchases smoothly and promptly.
We welcome brokers who introduce end buyers and step aside, and wait for finalization and shipments and commission payments.


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We are looking forward to serve qualified Buyers and/or Sellers who are seriously interested in expanding their international trade transactions.
Please email your enquiry with full company details to sales@riceauthority.com and we will respond to your request with a Soft Offer.   If our offer is appealing to you then you should send us a detailed ICPO or LOI with wording that mirrors our Soft Offer to any of our contact methods as provided herein.

We are encouraging established Suppliers to approach us for developing a mutually beneficial mandate relationship.

We hope that your visit to our website will be the start of a fruitful long-term business relationship.

For more info and list of rice exporters we work with see our rice exporters database.