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Our company representing a leading rice exporter base in Kuala Lumpur. The company is engaged in highly professional rice export activities. We are known to foster fair trade working directly with the largest rice mills mainly in Cambodia and Pakistan.

We welcome rice buyers, rice dealers, rice supplier, rice traders, rice retailers, rice wholesalers and rice importers.

Our unbeatable rice mill prices from cheapest to premium quality rice as the Principle Company cultivated paddy and operates rice mills.

Please contact for exact Pricing Per Metric Ton by FOB on Basmati, Jasmine, Emata, Parboiled and other rice varieties. Price depend on origin, quality and broken %.

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  1. sanjay lahoti Says:

    We have got solvent extraction plant processing rice bran in Southern part of India. We would like to explore the business opportunity in area of Rice Bran, edible oil , poultry feed ingredient and relevant field . In this contest we are visiting Phnom Penh , combodia in first week of October( 4th to 9th oct.). If you find that you have got some business prospects in this fields than we are their to meet you.Also your guidance are welcome.

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