Importers: We Are Sourcing For Supplier Of Quality Rice Varieties.‏

The Republic of Iraq Government is sourcing for supplier of quality rice varieties from reliable manufacturer, exporters and suppliers around the World to supply varieties of rice to Iraq. As you might be aware, republic of Iraq is undergoing massive reconstruction, resettlement, rebuilding and rehabilitation and having going through your profile as a foremost rice exporter, rice supplier, rice dealer, rice trader and rice miller of the finest quality rice varieties, we require your company to supply your varieties of rice to Iraq. The task of re building Iraq covers every facet of the society. My name is Nabil, I”m a member board of contract review committee, that is saddled with the responsibility of sourcing for reliable suppliers of varieties of rice to Iraq, I”m confident of securing approval for you to supply your varieties of rice to Iraq upon indicating your interest to supply. Upon your confirmation of your interest to supply your varieties of rice to Iraq, I shall submit your interest for consideration and reveal more procedural information”s to you. A consideration is that your quotation for the supply of your varieties of rice must be CIF delivery terms port of Umm Qasr (or the Jordanian Port of Aqaba) as the port of delivery of your rice to Iraq. Kindly, list your varieties of rice that you are capable and intends to supply to Iraq.

Posted on : October 5th, 2014
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Myanmar Rice Supplier

We can supply Myanmar Withe rice 5% is US$455/T FOB Yangon,Myanmar.
25% is US$355/T FOB Yangon,Myanmar.
We have total 60,000 ton and up at current stock.

Posted on : April 8th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

We can supply Gobindo bhog rice( west bengal)

we can supply Gobindo bhog rice( west bengal), if intrested pls contact us with your requirements detail with specifications
Raja sekar

Posted on : April 8th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Senegal 20,000 Mt Vietnam White Rice 5% broken

Please quote 20,000 Mt Vienam White Rice 5%
Broken , FOB and CIF Destination DAKAR, Senegal (West Africa)

Posted on : April 8th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Rice Offer basmati,non basmati,irri6,irri9,kainat 1121

my name is saif nadeem from pakistan karachi,we are a rice suppliers in here karachi,if you want to buy rice like any category basmati,non basmati,irri6,irri9,kainat 1121 etc or also have rejection rice for animal use we can supply you in best prices and in good quality

Posted on : April 8th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Need Rice CIF Kingston Jamaica & Montego Bay


I would like to get a quote CIF Kingston Jamaica & Montego Bay

Long Grain 25% Broken
Long Grain 10% Broken
Long Grain 5% Broken

Thank You

Posted on : April 8th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Vietnamese Rice Exporter needs 10,000,000MT Fortified Rice

Vietnam in need of 10 million metric tons of fortified rice for 1 year rice will be sent to African countries to feed people who suffer lack of vitamins.

Fortified rice must be fortified with vitamins and must comply with international standards
now the problem is where will Vietnam get the ten million tons of fortified rice.

The buyer said the rice can be from any country Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia or other countries as long as its Vitamin Fortified Rice.

Though not many countries produce fortified rice unless they will process regular rice into fortified rice and use a fortification process that will turn and make the rice fortified.

Buyer wants to finalize contract as soon as they get confirmed supplies of fortified rice.

Posted on : March 11th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Indonesian to Import 250,000MT Month of Vietnamese Rice

A Malaysian Trading Company was recently making negotiations for the Import of 250,000MT Month Vietnamese rice or a Total of 3 Million Metric tons a year to Indonesia, however problems occurred when the supplier was not able to Supply the quantity and needs help and connections of Vinafood2 and another government own rice company.

Who are only authorized to deal with G to G the leading Vietnamese rice exporters and Government owned rice firm deals directly with Governments like, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

A meeting is to be held soon in Indonesia for the negotiation of the import of 3 million tons of rice.

Posted on : March 11th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Senegal in Need of 150,000MT Month of Paraguay Rice

Just recently we got an enquiry for 150,000 metric tons of rice for Senegal and are currently in Negotiation for Paraguayan Rice.
like Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya peoples choice are rice from South American countries.

Not sure though whether it has to do something with the Asia being to far, but when talking about the prices, rice from Asia are far cheaper than those from South America, and still African People choose Rice from Latin America.

We have this one case where the buyer needed Brazilian rice and there is currently not much source for it.
so we suggested rice from Myanmar, India, Pakistan and Vietnam where the rice is of great Quality and lowest rice prices in the industry.

when computing even though Asia is farther than South America the freight cost is no issue caause the rice price is so low that when the rice arrives at the port of destination, rice from Asia would still be Cheaper than those from South America.

Conclusion: African people love rice from Latin America more than those from asia.

Posted on : March 11th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

Ghana to Import 100,000MT Rice Month from Brazil

Due to recent activities and leads coming from top rice sites Ghana is looking for over 100000 metric tons of Brazilian rice
many brokers and agents search the web for legitimate and reliable Brazilian rice supplier to supply the needs of Ghana Government
People of Ghana choose rice from Brazil above everything else as we were told there main priority and choice of rice of of Brazilian origin.

from 5% broken to 35% broken rice but best 7.5% broken.

Rice Agents send request from one site to another looking and until now those buyers are still looking for rice from Brazil
when searching for Rice Suppliers from South America specially Brazil there aren’t many listed on Google search.

Rice Authority has a special team of search engine specialist to find these reliable and larg Brazilian rice exporters
so whenever you need rice from any rice producing Country just Contact Rice Authority for a competitive quote

The problem is Companies and suppliers dont rank top for such search terms and can’t be found, even the largest Brazilian rice exporters don’t even show up when searching for Brazilian rice.

let alone the smaller traders , there is a big problem for buyers cause they can’t find solid source for there rice needs

Posted on : March 11th, 2012
Posted by : Rice Supplier

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