Common rice varieties

There are more than 40,000 known types of rice, and dozens are readily available in U.S. markets. All work well in rice bowls. These are the most common varieties.

Arborio: Medium-grain, cultivated in northern Italy, creamy outside and firm inside. It’s used mainly in risotto; similar to a California short-grain variety called pearl.

Basmati: Its name means “queen of fragrance.” Aromatic rice from India, Pakistan and Iran, it is known for its nutty aroma and taste.

Black: Rice grown in Indonesia and the Philippines, with a long black grain and nutty flavor. It’s often used in puddings and cakes.

Brown rice: Unmilled rice with hull removed. The rice comes in various shades of brown, red or black; available in short, medium or long grain.

Instant: White or brown rice precooked, then dehydrated for rapid preparation.

Jasmine: Aromatic rice from Thailand. Thin, long grains produce soft, sticky rice.

Red Rice: Can be short grain or long grain. Flavor will vary among varieties, but red rice generally has a pleasant, nutty flavor and firm texture.

Wehani: California-grown hybrid brown rice; reddish color, nutty aroma and flavor.

White rice: Milled rice with hull and bran “polished” to remove outer coating, prolonging shelf life because oils are removed. May be sold as parboiled or instant.

Wild pecan: Named for its nutty aroma and flavor; a long-grain white rice cultivated in Louisiana.

Wild rice: Not considered a true rice, but rather is the seed of a wild aquatic grass native to North America. It’s expensive due to short supply, hand gathering and thrashing; add cooked to other cooked rice.

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