Good day!

I’m Mary Ann, We have a Company in Turkey, It’s *****n import and export. But I’m one of the contacts here in the Philippines to help them out. One of our clients is looking for a Broken rice and we are interested in knowing what products you can offer us, and we would like to know the price quote of the rice as well. And also just to add, they were also asking if you can send them a sample pack of rice?.

The Delivery Port would be in Gambia, they would like to know the CIF(Cost insurance and Freight) in Gambia as well.

Attached file is the details of rice that our clients is looking for.

And if you would like to talk to one of our contacts in turkey, I can provide you his skype ID, so you can discuss it further with him.

We are looking forward doing great business with you and hoping to hear from you soon.


Mary Ann