Due to recent activities and leads coming from top rice sites Ghana is looking for over 100000 metric tons of Brazilian rice
many brokers and agents search the web for legitimate and reliable Brazilian rice supplier to supply the needs of Ghana Government
People of Ghana choose rice from Brazil above everything else as we were told there main priority and choice of rice of of Brazilian origin.

from 5% broken to 35% broken rice but best 7.5% broken.

Rice Agents send request from one site to another looking and until now those buyers are still looking for rice from Brazil
when searching for Rice Suppliers from South America specially Brazil there aren’t many listed on Google search.

Rice Authority has a special team of search engine specialist to find these reliable and larg Brazilian rice exporters
so whenever you need rice from any rice producing Country just Contact Rice Authority for a competitive quote

The problem is Companies and suppliers dont rank top for such search terms and can’t be found, even the largest Brazilian rice exporters don’t even show up when searching for Brazilian rice.

let alone the smaller traders , there is a big problem for buyers cause they can’t find solid source for there rice needs