Dear Sir/Madam

I Am Pleased and Would Like to Introduce to You Post African
Procurers,A Procurement Company with a Number of Clients from Around
East and Central Africa.
Post African Procurers is found in Kampala, Uganda East of Africa.
Post African Procurers is a Procurement Company that Works on
Contracts for a Number of Companies and Organizations on their
Procurement Needs.
We Have Been in the Business For Over 30 Years Here In East And
Central Africa with A Wide Base Of Clients/Buyers From Around East and
Central Africa.
In Every Transaction,Our clients are the ones to be Invoiced Although
We do Most of the Negotiations.
Therefore,Every Communication on this Deal Goes and is Managed Through
us.Sales contract and any other documents will be Signed by the

After Making all the Negotiations with the Seller,We then Hand Over
all the Business to the Buyer who Makes the Final Arrangements by
Remitting the Payments.

In This Case,Our Client/Buyer Would Like to Purchase;


Advising us the C&F Values to Kampala Uganda.
We are waiting for your Urgent and Positive Response Regarding This
Business Inquiry.

Best regards,