Dear Sir

I would like to forward the client specifications
please revert me if any comments
here’s the following specifications of the white long grain well milled
The qty. we need is 30000 tons.
Could you please tell how much the price for every one ton or for every
1- Length of rice kernel should be no less than 6.8mm
2- Fit for human consumption at final destination (discharge ports)
and being consumed in the country of origin.
3- Moisture : no more than 14% preferred, but up to 15% maximum allowed
Analysis method will be based on AACC 44-11
4- Broken kernels : no more than 3% preferred but up to 4% allowed
5- Red kernels and other kinds : up to 1.5% maximum
6- The milled rice should be unified polish in one consignment , and
appropriate to the taste of the customer in terms of cooking
specifications: non sticky.