I am planning to establish a rice trading company in Kerala and selling it in other states as well as exporting.

Majorly I am looking for the following rice

1. Kuruva white
2. jaya
3. Jyothi
3. Pachari (raw rice)
4. Biriyani /Pulav / Ghee rice etc ..rice. ( eg- ashraf)
5. idly rice
6. Basmati rice
7. Red rice ( eg- Matta red rice)

Pls let me know if you can supply these rice varieties and let me know your best lowest price.

Note – I am looking for competitive price because I need to repack it in my brand and sale with promotion. Also let me know, if you can supply it in my own brand packing. I only need quality product.

The supply location will be either Kannur or Palakkad or Cochin in Kerala. Or may be combination of places. Let me know if you have interest in this opportunity.