Importers: Rice for Ukrainian Supermarket Chain

Dear sirs!

Ukrainian supermarkets chain is looking for a supplier of rice. Our
retail supermarkets are situated in central and Eastern Ukraine, with the
office located in Ukraine.

We have a large experience in import and extend our needs as our chain
grows. Thus, we have started this tender hoping to find a new reliable
partner for many years of successful cooperation.
If you are interested in cooperation with us, would you please formulate an
offer based on our needs listed below.
We are interested in the following goods:

Long grain rice (white)
Medium grain rice (white)
Defect ratio: up to 5%
Packing: sack 15-45 kg or loose (indicate different options)
Volumes: about 60 tons per month

When preparing an offer, please indicate shelf life, storage temperature,
transportation conditions and carton volume.
How much time do you usually need to prepare an order? What payment terms
can you suggest to us?
If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask me.

Кind regards,
Import manager

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Posted on : September 25th, 2014
Category : Rice Importers
Posted By: Rice Supplier

3 Response

  1. Raisur Rahman Says:

    We are one of the most credible rice exporter. Our mill is in jalalbad in India. Our sales office in Sharjah. Please write back to us on our mail id.

  2. Umer Says:

    KING’s RICE has become synonymous with outstanding rice quality, purity, variety at great prices. Our millers, supply chain experts and staff has an amazing amount of skill and experience serving regional customers offering complete B2C and B2B solutions like private labels and bulk deliveries.
    We have our office based in warsaw poland with ready stock availble both in poland and in dubai. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

  3. S V Ramamurthy Says:

    We are exporters based in the Indian city of Hyderabad,dealing in agri commodities like long grain rice both raw & parboiled,spices like red chillies,turmeric fingers & spice powders,tea & coffee powders, health foods like quinoa,flaxseeds,chia seeds,moringa seeds etc,refined ricebran oil etc.

    We are registered with various Indian Government agencies like Spices Board,APEDA,Tea Board,Coffee Board etc.
    We can offer Indian long grain non basmati raw/parboiled rice IR 64/1010 (grain length 6mm) & swarna rice (grain 5.5mm) with 5% to 100% brokens,packed in 25/40/50 kg new PP bags.
    We also offer 1121 & 1509 grades of basmati rice (grain length 8.3mm) both golden sella & white sella & steamed white.

    We solicit your valued inquiries

    S V Ramamurthy
    skype :vrsarasa

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