Dear sirs!

Ukrainian supermarkets chain is looking for a supplier of rice. Our
retail supermarkets are situated in central and Eastern Ukraine, with the
office located in Ukraine.

We have a large experience in import and extend our needs as our chain
grows. Thus, we have started this tender hoping to find a new reliable
partner for many years of successful cooperation.
If you are interested in cooperation with us, would you please formulate an
offer based on our needs listed below.
We are interested in the following goods:

Long grain rice (white)
Medium grain rice (white)
Defect ratio: up to 5%
Packing: sack 15-45 kg or loose (indicate different options)
Volumes: about 60 tons per month

When preparing an offer, please indicate shelf life, storage temperature,
transportation conditions and carton volume.
How much time do you usually need to prepare an order? What payment terms
can you suggest to us?
If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask me.

Кind regards,
Import manager