Rice Authority is the major Suppliers of Rice in India, Being a member of Rice Mill Owners Association, Rice and Paddy merchants Association, we are watching the market trends every day and consistently getting benefited by the increasing clientele.In 2010,

With our hard work and total dedication towards the business, we dream to make it big by expanding ourselves to every corner of the world and serve the clients in a best way as ever.

1) Basmati rice

Known for its elongated grains and quality, our Basmati Rice is high in demand in the national as well as international Agro Industry. We are known as the chief Supplier, Exporter, and Supplier of Basmati Rice in India. Our Basmati Rice is available at the most competitive price, which is provided at the client’s inquiry.

  • Silky or Double Polish
  • Well cleaned
  • Good cooking grade
  • Broken: 1 % to 3% (as per buyer option)

2) Non Basmati Rice

Our quality Non Basmati Rice is free from all kinds of dust and insects. In addition, we ensure that our rice is preserved at standard room temperature with exact moisture content in the air. Our Non Basmati Rice is hygienically processed and is available at economic prices.


  • Extra-long and superfine grain
  • Rich aroma
  • Non-sticky
  • Soft to eat
  • Irresistible taste

3) Sona Masoori Rice
We offer our esteemed clients with the superior quality Sona Masoori Rice. The Sona Masoori Rice that we offer is highly appreciated for the taste and aroma. Our Sona Masoori Rice is easily cooked and develops rich flavor once cooked. We provide our Sona Masoori Rice at market leading prices.

Sona Masuri Rice is a fine grained variety of rice, which is popularly known as Samba Masuri Rice.
The range of Sona Masuri Rice offered by us is widely appreciated by the clients for its rich taste and pleasant aroma.

Attributes :

1. Erect, Dwarf, strong rice with good tillering ability
2. Medium long, compact, straight and well exerted panicle
3. Attractive yellow colored grains
4. Non-shattering easily threshable and wide adaptability

4) Steamed sona rice

Steamed sona rice are that rice are boiled in water so that they are eatable .It is an improved variety of rice grown.

Steamed Sona Rice:


Steamed rice are rice that are boiled in the water so that they are eatable.IT is light weight, aromatic, easily digestible and of premium quality.

Competitive Edge:

1. White homegenous clean rice new season of and last harvest prior to shipping month.

2. Fine Milling

3. Short or Medium or Long Grain shaped

4. Free from all alive, insects and a cargo at any of their stadia.

5. Max. broken 5 PCT on basis less than 3/4 of the grain to be considered broken.

6. Max. Moisture 14 PCT

7. Max. Red and immature kernals 2 PCT

8. Max. Chalks Kernels 3 PCT minimum protein 7 PCT on dry material basis.


5) Sona Masoori Raw Rice

Sona Masoori Raw RiceThe high-grade Sona Masoori Raw Rice offered by us is widely used in making rice porridge during festivals in India. Our Sona Masoori Raw Rice is very aromatic and due to its fragrance, it is considered to be of superior quality. This variety of Sona Masoori Raw Rice is widely demanded by the clients, owing to its excellent taste and high cooking grade. It is supplied by us at pocket friendly rates.


Recognized for :

1. Hygienic packing
2. Perfect taste
3. Excellent aroma
4. Affordable rates

6) Rose Matta Rice

Rose Matta Rice is a sister rice to the Indian red rice. It is the same kernel, but polished. Rose Matta Rice has a unique pink color and has nutty but delicate flavor. This Rose Matta Rice is an excellent side for seafood. Rose Matta Rice also pairs well with Thai flavored broths. Try making a spicy Thai broth and use it to cook the rice. The end product is an aromatic rice. The Rose Matta Rice takes about 30 minutes to cook fully.

7) Boiled Rice
Boiled Rice is a food which is eaten boiled in everyday Indian meals. Its quality as boiled rice and double boiled is simply superb, tasty and aromatic as well.

8) Steam Rice
Steam Rice is Tasty and delicious, our Steam Rice are largely consumed by a large group of people.
The steam rice supplied and exported by us are healthy and delicious. Due to the production of
finest grade of steam rice, we have been able to establish ourselves as a well rooted Steamed Rice Suppliers
and Steamed Rice Exporters.