Pl inform if U have the following quality rice about 10 MT each1. Specification of Rice:

Indian Long Grain Rice IRR1-6 IRRI-9

Broken 5% 5% Maximum 5% Maximum

Moisture 14% Double Finished Silky

Packinbg – 50 Kgs PP Bags 50 Kgs PP Bags 50 Kgs PP Bags

2. Basmati Rice
Mainly looking for Mixture of Basmati like 60% A Grade + 40% B Grade
Crop year 2010
Protein min 12%
Test Weight min 78 Kg/HI
Gluten min 24% Wet Basis
Falling No. min 300
Other grains max 1%
Foreign Matter Max 1%
Shriveled /Shrunken/Broken Kernels through 2 mm sieve: Max 3%
Weevil led and bored Max 1%
Damaged Grains Max 3%
Free from live and dead insects/weevils free from mould and fit for
Human consumption