Good day,
My company is a newly incorporated company interested in the distribution of food produce.

In line with our internet quest and search, your organisation is one of our best we have decided to work with.

Our company is located in the commercial city of lagos, Nigeria. The name of the company is Kayshi foods and our slogan is “feeding the world”.Our business lines are foods and drinks. And it is our interest to be a major distributor for organizations that have interest of doing business in Nigeria.

This is achievable with our three (3) different warehousing locations strategically placed in the commercial center of lagos and one (1) warehouse each at the remaining part of the states. thirty (30) state to be precise.

With this and our human expertise, you can be sure of notting less than a perfect distribution of your product in Nigeria.

Nigeria population is over 165 million as at 2008 and with a poputation growth of 2.5% per per month. This is a one market any business minded person will be interested to sell.

However, the culture within the country is in 100% acceptance of grains expecially rice as it is used for various meals both continental and local. It has been proven statistically that rice consumption in Nigeria is over 100% and the country bearly produce 5% of it all.

With the indicators highlighted and lot of others as you may require in the course of our discussion on our business relationship. We are saying Nigeria is a must be to do business.

We expect to hear from you soon