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       we are glad to know that you are presently looking for good quality rice.
we  are one of the leading rice trading company in Punjab, India providing all kinds of rice ranging from basmati to non basmati rice. we provide them with easy terms and conditions and with quality as we believe in quality not in quantity as quantity comes wen quality is there. we provide rice to all the exporters.
so looking forward to work with you. please mail us your requirements.
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Posted on : October 21st, 2013
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  1. harpreet Says:

    Dear ASHLEY
    We introduce ourselves as one the exporter very ( HQ )Basmati Rice from India. Please see some pictures of the wonder grain
    We cater to all varieties –
    Traditional Basmati,
    Pusa Basmati,
    1121 Basmati
    and in all forms – Brown, Milled Raw, Steamed, Par-boiled / Sella – White /Golden
    Basmati Rice is nature’s exclusive gift to the Indian sub-continent. This highly aromatic rice is India’s gift to the whole world.No other rice in the world has this combined characteristic of exquisite aroma, sweet taste and the post cooking elongation. Basmati rice has been known to the world since the early days of the 19th Century though the British and the Portuguese and for a millennium and more it’s known to the Gulf, the Mediterranean and up to Greece.

    By virtue of its geographical position, water and soil quality plus special weather conditions, this rice is different from other rice varieties. It is grown only in Northern India.

    In India, Basmati rice is characterized by extra long, superfine slender grains having a length to breadth ratio > 4.3, sweet taste, soft texture, delicate curvature and an extra elongation with least breadth-wise swelling on cooking.

    The very word ‘Basmati’ has originated from Vasumati which means earth recognized by its unique fragrance. The full exposition of the word is from Hindi. Bas originating from Prakrit Vas which has a Sanskrit root- Vasayconnoting aroma; and Mati meaning ingrained from the origin. According to Ayurveda, Basmati, the king of all varieties of rice, is saatvic or pure, is nourishing for the body tissues and is easy to digest.

    Throughout history it has been on royal menus of various cultures as the main dish. From the pilav of Turkey, to polou of Persia, pilafs of the Steppes and paellas of the Mediterranean, to the pulau of India it has been served to great Sultans, Maharajahs, Nawabs and Emperors. Spices, nuts, dried fruits, vegetables and herbs with Basmati rice transform rice dishes into extraordinary meals.

    Indian Basmati rice has a very different aroma and taste from Chinese and Thai Jasmine rice. There are many “knock off” varieties grown in the US and other countries, but none match authentic Indian basmati for flavour, aroma, texture, and appearance. Basmati contains the natural, 2 actyl-1-Pyrolline content of PPM 0.06, which brings its unique aroma, unmatched by any other rice in the world.

  2. ALY BAWANI Says:

    I would like to introduce ourselves as a merchant exporter of Instant Coffee, Instant Noodles, Rice and Biscuits to different parts of Africa and Europe.

    We are based in Mumbai and also have our business of distribution of fmcg products throughout Maharashtra.

    We need about a 1 x 20’FCL of 5 kg plastic jars of BASMATI rice for our client in west Africa.

    Please send us your best rates f.o.r. Nava Sheva port in Indian Rupees

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