Dear Sir/Madam,

Our Company was founded by Miss Pikul,
Managing Director and established on January 22nd, 2013 in with the
ultimate objective to become one of Thailand’s leading exporters of
the highest quality Thai rice to the world market. This has inspired
our company policy “Export the Best Rice to Our Customers” We have
earned our reputation as the most honest and reliable, competitive
market price, and on time delivery, offering varieties of commodities
and excellent services.

Our Products:
1) GABA Jasmin Rice
2) Thai Fragrant Rice (Thai Hom Ma Li Rice, Thai Jasmine Rice)
3) Thai Black Rice
4) Thai white Rice
5) Thai Red Rice
6) Thai Parboiled Rice
7) Thai white Rice Broken A1 Super
8) Thai White Glutinous Rice
9) Thai Brown Rice
10) Thai Black Glutinous Rice

We are looking forward to receiving your order and doing more business
with you.
Best Regards,