We are a company established in 1977, we have been one of Thailand’s
top rice exporters, and well recognized worldwide for its long years
of remakable performances, trustworthiness and efficiency. Its
strength lies in effectivness of production of high standard quality
products introduction of advanced technology, adoption of modern
machinery to enhance productivity and competency and more importantly,
promptness of transportation and services.
Product availables :
– Thai Long Grain Jasmine Rice100%
– Thai Long Grain White Rice Grade B, 5% broken, 10% broken, 20%
broken, 25% broken
– Thai Long Grain Parboiled Rice 100% Sortexed (premium grade) dark
yellow color and light yellow
– Thai Broken White Rice A1 Super
– Thai Glutinous Rice
– Thai Organic Jasmine Rice
All rice, produced are supplied under trademark is of the highest
quality, fresh, and clean, and properly packed in various sizes to
suite specific needs of its customers.
Above all, our commitment to all clients in all parts of the world is
our sincere dediction and prompt services to provide the best products
that all customers around the globe deserve.
Please do not hesitate for any information about Thai Rice