Dear Sir/Madam,

Good Day, we have seen your divertissement in the internet; we are planning to start wholesale/retail rice business these May 2011, here at City of Sta.rosa, Laguna. Right now, we are looking for rice suppliers that we will become our partner in our business venture.


In line with this, I would like to request a quotation of the following rice variety, kindly give to us your best price.


  1. Dinurado Rice
  2. Angelica Rice
  3. Sinandomeng Rice
  4. Fancy Rice
  5. Laon Rice
  6. Jasmine Rice
  7. Wag-Wag Rice
  8. Milagrosa Rice
  9. Maharlika Rice
  10. Long Grain
  11. Malagkit Rice
  12. Ifugao Rice
  13. NFA Rice


Other types of Rice

Please includes here:







Additional inquiries,


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