Dear Sir,

We urgently REQUIRED Single Polished, Max. 20-25% Broken, Crop 2011, 1250 MTS FOR C.I.F. Tima Ghana Africa.

Profile of the Company:

We are one of the fastest growing export/import organization based in London, UK. offer high quality sourcing services to clients. export/import Rice, Sunflower oil(both crude and refined), Groundnut oil(refined), RBD Palm oil , Soyabean oil(Refined), Castor oil, Rice bran oil (refined and crude), Sesame oil, Soya meal, Groundnut solvent extraction cake, HPS Groundnut seeds and Sunflower cake to all over the world.

Our vision is to provide quality products and services through a professional team following a well defined process, timely delivery and pro-active service.

Our mission is to explore the world markets with a right blend of professionalism and business ethics.

Our unique association with Manufacturers across the globe has helped us in ensuring that we always get the best products for our clients. We always strive to provide world class products and services at a very economical price.

We export to the United States, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. With Fifty years of experience in the field of trade, watching and experiencing all the developments all through the years has given us a sense of maturity and expertise which very few can gain. We use this knowledge to train our staff to understand the customer expectations.