Dear Sirs,

We are seeking for this material :
Product : RICE .
Rice of quality healthy, honest and commercial, of sense of smell and
predatory alive, guarantors in the following conditions :
Moisture : 15% maximum
Broken rice : 25% maximum
Chalky grains : 5% maximum
Grain striated with red : 3% maximum
Mottled grains : 1,5% maximum (various impurities)
Stained grains : 1% maximum
Yellow grains : 0,050% maximum
Grains ambers : 0,20% maximum

Foreign material tolerances, consisted: mineral or vegetable
substances, nonedible, provided that they are not toxic : 0,01%

Grains foreign or started from foreign, edible grains : 0,10% maximum

Fumigation, maximum 10 days before the loading

Exempt alive insects containers maximum 10 insects dead.

Packing: Out of new bags, good quality. The bags are closed with a
solid yarn resistant to UV (six months min of tropical climate,
moisture and sunning).
Capacity of the bag: 50 kg nets excluded packing weight.

Quantity : 12 500 mt
We need your best offer CIF TEMA (GHANA).

Payment : By L/C irrevocable and confirmed by a first class

We are waiting for your offer.

Many thanks and best regards