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MELCHIZEDEK is one among the Financial Consultants operating from Chennai.MELCHIZEDEK a multi-source provider of Project & Corporate Finance has established the direct contacts with the Finance Capital Market Institutions, like Lenders, Funders, J.V. Investors, Collateral Providers and other sources of finance for Companies or Projects; they Finance the entire projects via debt, equity, or both as required.
Experience, contacts and knowledge, can able to introduce the
Prospective clients to MELCHIZEDEK different sources and various
Methods of project financing.
MELCHIZEDEK can also arrange collateral, credit lines, funding against Instruments and investment finance schemes to provide eitherCollateral or funds for projects. There are many real options are Available, so please let us have your detailed Bankable project
Proposal in order to give you a realistic appraisal in this regard.
Please feel free to contact us with your projects, comments or questions at
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Mobile: 0091 9688361070

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