Rice Authority is the leading Cambodian rice exporter of all local varieties, the company offers the most competitive pricing available on the market today since it is partnered with Cambodia’s largest rice millers rice authority exports large amount of rice from the rice mills and has an agreement with the millers to avail the rice with big discounts.

Cambodian Jasmine Rice

Cambodia Jasmine rice is a premium grade rice for export and It is the same variant of the Thai version of Cambodian Jasmine Rice called Thai Hom Malis from Thailand.

Forms of Jasmine Rice

  • Jasmine 5% Broken Rice
  • Jasmine 10% Broken Rice
  • Jasmine 15% Broken Rice
  • Jasmine 20% Broken Rice
  • Jasmine 25% Broken Rice
  • Jasmine 30% Broken Rice
  • Jasmine 100% Broken Rice
  • Fragrant Jasmine
  • Sorted & Single Polished Jasmine.
  • Sorted & Double Polished Jasmine Rice