We would like to inquire for the best variety of rice you have.
We are planing to put up a company which will market mainly good variety of rice, a delicious, aromatic, clean, fresh looking and well milled.
      We are loking for a partner, which might continuously supply rice to our company. The volume target order might increase to 10% every month as the customers increases too, based on our target monthly growth. But for a start, we will make order from a little volume, say 50 cavans.
      May you please quote us of different varieties of rice for 50 cavans to deliver here in Metro Manila?
Also the complete description of those varieties, and other information regarding to that, so we could strategize better for marketing purposes. We are looking for good variety of rice which is clean, delicious, aromatic, soft, fresh looking and nutritious which could be part of our marketing. Hope you can give us the best quality of rice in a competitive price.
      Our office will be located here in Metro Manila, soon as the company started the operation. Hope to work with you soon.