Rice Production By Country

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the U.N., 80% of the world rice production comes from 7 countries. However, if we talk about world rice production 2009-2010, the figures below show the worldwide rice production by countries- in fact, the top ten countries of world counted for their rice production.

Country Rice Production
China Mt: 166,417,000 (32.7%)
India Mt: 132,013,000 (26.0%)
Indonesia Mt: 52,078,832 (10.2%)
Bangladesh Mt: 38,060,000 (7.5%)
Vietnam Mt: 34,518,600 (6.8%)
Thailand Mt: 27,000,000 (5.3%)
Myanmar Mt: 24,640,000 (4.8%)
Philippines Mt: 14,031,000 (2.8%)
Brazil Mt: 10,198,900 (2.0%)
Japan Mt: 9,740,000 (1.9%)

There has been a major decline in world rice production since late 2007 due to many reasons including climatic conditions in many top rice producing countries as well as policy decisions regarding rice export by the governments of countries with considerable rice production.

Posted on : July 30th, 2011
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