Dear Sir, Ma’am
Few months ago we started up a small rice-store on a marketplace here in Manila.
However we feel we have to expand in the nearby future from a retailer in one location to possible different locations in and around Manila.
We study also about wholesale.
To minimalize our weekly deliveries we’re looking for larger stock-possibilities, cause we can only stock about 40 canvans in this moment.
Before putting more investments, we prefer to so some investigation about transportation, labour, prices etc.
We would like to have some information about your posibilities. ( free delivery Manila, prices etc)
In this moment we are interested in
Super Angelica
Sinandomeng Laon Malambot
Wag wag San Jose
Our best sold rice in this moment is:
Sinandomeng Laon Malambot and especially Cagayan because of its prices and qualities.

We have internet possibilities for on-line deliveries.

Our good name is important, we absolutely like to deliver our clients pure brands. No mixed ricevarieties as we see our competion does.


Unfortunately we cannot reach you either by mobile phone or landline number. We tried several times also a few weeks ago. That’s a pity.

If only necessary and possible we would like to visit your company or organisation to have a first businesstalk.
Before of that we would like to put some questions on you by Email.
We wait for your soon reply. Please react by email.