CAD to your bank is workable but it must be a well know bank in the West African region and not a local senegalese bank and you will be required to show proof of funds along with your ICPO

As for sample, because we get a lot of request for samples, we have stopped sending samples for free as many turn out to be a waste of our finances and products…… People taking advantage of our flexibility.

So we required that if you have an account with either DHL or TNT let us know and we will arrange for it to be sent to you on your account. But if not, you will have to pay cash for the cost of frieght at our mill in Myanmar for it to be sent to you.

Aside from that if you don’t wish to proceed with the sample, we are reputable and what we offer to you on our FCO and contract which is the 25%broken you require,is exactly what we will supply to you.