Just recently we got an enquiry for 150,000 metric tons of rice for Senegal and are currently in Negotiation for Paraguayan Rice.
like Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya peoples choice are rice from South American countries.

Not sure though whether it has to do something with the Asia being to far, but when talking about the prices, rice from Asia are far cheaper than those from South America, and still African People choose Rice from Latin America.

We have this one case where the buyer needed Brazilian rice and there is currently not much source for it.
so we suggested rice from Myanmar, India, Pakistan and Vietnam where the rice is of great Quality and lowest rice prices in the industry.

when computing even though Asia is farther than South America the freight cost is no issue caause the rice price is so low that when the rice arrives at the port of destination, rice from Asia would still be Cheaper than those from South America.

Conclusion: African people love rice from Latin America more than those from asia.