Varieties of rice

Ambemohar Arborio Aromatic rice Basmati Bhutanese red rice Black rice Bora saul Brown rice Calrose rice Camargue red rice Carnaroli Champa Dubraj Flattened rice Glutinous rice Golden rice Germinated brown rice (Hatsuga genmai) Hybrid rice Instant rice Japanese rice Jasmati Jasmine Koshihikari Matta rice Molakolukulu Nàng Thơm Chợ Đào Navara New Rice for Africa Nishiki rice Parboiled rice Patna rice Perennial rice Pokkali Ponni Rice Pusa 1121 Rice Red Cargo Samba Sasanishiki Semi-dwarf IR36 Sona Masuri Weedy rice Wehani White rice Yamada Nishiki
This list is incomplete; we continue to expant it

Posted on : January 29th, 2012
Category : Rice Varieties
Posted By: Rice Supplier

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