Vietnamese Rice Exporter needs 10,000,000MT Fortified Rice

Vietnam in need of 10 million metric tons of fortified rice for 1 year rice will be sent to African countries to feed people who suffer lack of vitamins.

Fortified rice must be fortified with vitamins and must comply with international standards
now the problem is where will Vietnam get the ten million tons of fortified rice.

The buyer said the rice can be from any country Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia or other countries as long as its Vitamin Fortified Rice.

Though not many countries produce fortified rice unless they will process regular rice into fortified rice and use a fortification process that will turn and make the rice fortified.

Buyer wants to finalize contract as soon as they get confirmed supplies of fortified rice.

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  1. N. Mahendra Says:

    I can offer Sri Lankan white and red rice, Also I can offer parboiled rice. Very competitive price. If you interested please contact me with following details.

    Nisho Distributors
    Sri Lanka.

  2. jereme guirjen Says:

    i can supply you vietnam rice for a very competitive price. contact me @ +639306816260 or email me @

  3. ROISAT Says:

    We can supply you the Long Grain White Rice from Cambodia. Very competitive price. Please feel free to contact me via: +85598898877 email:

  4. rebz Says:

    we are looking rice to shipping it on Australia how much the price and min.order?

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