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Dear Sir / Madam,
Today we would like to take to introduce ourselves that we are one of Leading Vietnamese Company, Rice Authority, deals in mainly exporting Rice
We usually supply different rices such as:
-Japonica rice 5% broken
-Medium Grain rice 5% broken
-Parboiled rice 5% broken
-Jasmine rice 2%, 5%, 100% broken
-Long Grain White rice 5%, 15%, 25%, 100% broken
-Glutinous rice 5%, 10% broken
PACKING: 1kg, 5 kg,10kg, 15 kg, 25 kg 50 kg
PAYMENT TERMS: 100 L/C , Stand by L/C, BCL, …
Over 20 years in producing and exporting, we can supply large quantity with short delivery along with competitive prices. Especially we can keep stable prices within one year if that you place the order within one year with us.
At the present we just set up a firm specializes in Parboiled Rice with capability up 12 500 Metric ton/ month. And we are sure that it will make you satisfy.
Our motto “ good quality, competitive price, good service attitude” believe that will convinve taugh customers ony with a trial order.
However, every queries before a trial order will be a chance so that we can understand each other more for establishing a long business relationship. So, please do not hesitate let us know all your queries.
We look forward to having your interest .
Yours faithfully,

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  1. Abshir Says:

    Greeting all
    We are East African food Importing Company (EFICOM)
    We are working East African Countries like Somalia,Djabuiti, Ethopia, And Kenya,
    We are Importing rice, in Asia,
    we are looking for new partnership Business in Myanmar Or Vietnam for Exporting Rice
    We are looking for High Quality and well price rice,
    We have Office in Dubai UAE

    If your company Interesing our parnership you can contact this Email and give as Some Information about your Company, and how we can work together,Email.

    Best Regard

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