We are pleased to introduce our company :
SUNRISE foodstuff JSC is a Vietnamese manufacturer and exporter for High-qualityall kind of Vietnamese rice, fresh vegetable, salt,and instand noodles. Our products were available in many areas: Africa, Russia, EU, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Pacific islands, Taiwan, ..…
Including 02 rice milling , 01 in the South of Vietnamese(Mekong delta) and 01 in the North of Vietnamese(Red river Delta), we produced many kind of Vietnamese famous rice: Long grain white rice, Fragrant jasmine rice, Medium grain white rice, Round grain white rice (calrose rice or sushi rice), Short grain white rice, glutinous rice… Green pumpkin, fresh potato and many other kind of fresh vegetable with the perfect quality control systems from the material input to packing stage. We also can supply our products with difference packing sizes: 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg, and 50 kg… in PP and PE bags with all requirement of label design which is suitable for raw material supplier and retailers as well.
In accordance with the company’s development strategy and at the same time in order to meet the customer and market requirements, SUNRISE has step by step upgraded, expanded its factory and warehouses to raise the production output. SUNRISE would increase gradually the proportion of aromatic rice, high-grade rice, coffee and fresh vegetable in sales output to satisfy the diverse demands of domestic & international markets and customers.
The success in business activities over last time of SUNRISE was built mainly on creating the trust for the trading partners and customers. To perform the above thing, SUNRISE always concerns to the improvement, the professionalism in personnel team administration, new investment in equipments, technology and warehouses, the exploitation and procurement of clean raw material inputs for production and processing of products with high quality to serve for export markets.
Our products are highly appreciated from all of our oversea customers. During our development, we have received no any complaints for our products quality and services.
We send to you an enclosed quotation here. We would like to build a long lasting relationship with you and your esteemed company
Hope to hear from you soon