Wanted: Ponni rice to be exported to Singapore

We require ponni rice to be exported to
singapore,kindly call us for further information.

Posted on : April 16th, 2013
Category : Rice Buyers, Rice Importers
Posted By: Rice Supplier

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  1. Colen C Says:

    Available supply of rice from India
    Shipment ; 750-1000MT per shipment.
    Trial order 100 MT.

    IR 64 rice ;
    Price US$ 505/ MT CIF Singapore / CIF Port Klang

    Ponny rice ;
    Price US$ 665/ MT CIF Singapore / CIF Port Klang

    Payment – at sight transferable L/C from Prime banks.
    Samples can be sent on request.

    Buyers to contact us.

  2. P V Ramesh Says:

    we are supply to your concern all verity of rice in india. Raw & Steam rice.

  3. T.Varadharajan Says:

    Hello sir,
    I can afford to supply 1000 MT per month along with broken rice also. The rate will be very competitive and will maintain the schedule to your utmost satisfaction.On request I can arrange for the sample for your consideration.Terms are strictly LC at sight. All the consignments are FOB only.For your requirement please get in touch 9591991360/varadharajan@kingsfoods.in

  4. Dolly Sharan Says:

    We deal in supply of rice , leaving for Singapore , please contact 9818112256

  5. Mahalakshmi Says:

    Available all types of rice.

  6. Selvaraaj Says:

    Required quote for the following

    Req Basmathi and Sugar
    Super Kernel Basmati Rice (98% Purity)
    Silky Double Polished, Max. 1% – 5% Broken, Color Sortexed

    Moisture: 12.00 pct max
    Chalky Kernels: 4.00 pct max
    Damaged kernels: 1 pct max
    Yellow kernels: 1 pct max
    Under milled and Red kernels: 1 pct max
    Foreign matter and foreign grain: 1 pct max
    Average Grain Length: 7.1 7.5 mm & 8 mm.

    1. Super Kernel Rice
    Packed in 10kg Jute Bags @ USD / mt CIF Um Qasr.
    Packed in 20kg Jute Bags @ /mt CIF Um Qasr.
    Packed in 40kg Jute Bags @ / mt CIF Um Qasr.

  7. NA Shipping Services,G.Vijay Kumar Says:

    We are one of the shipping services provider in east coast Kakinada, India and also we providing all verity of rice for export. Pls contact us below said mobil no:08977484188, Land Line No: 0884-6953534.

    With best regards
    G.Vijay Kumar,
    Branch Manager.
    NA Shipping Services.
    16-22-76/A,Satya Nagar,
    Andhra Pradesh

  8. M. A. Hashem & Mr. Habib Says:

    We are the Rice exporter in Bangladesh. If anyone want to import rice please contract with us.

  9. D.RASOOL Says:

    SINCE 1984


    Available all varieties of the rice raw/steam/boiled/
    Lower range to high range SORTEX quality of Rice quality products reputed Rice mills in karnataka / Andhra pradesh/ Telangana state

  10. Arjun Bhatnagar Says:

    Hi we are supplying rice with all variety from India ,kindly update how we could recharge you……

  11. Srinivasareddy Says:

    Good evening sir my ricemill daily 250 ton rice production.plz contact sir

  12. prabu.R Says:

    i have all variety of export quality rice anyone want contact me 9952476311

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