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I am so glad to write to you. We are a plant oil company founded in 2007. Our raw material is rice bran.Our company located in Shouguang city, Shandong Province,China.We have four product lines and out total throughput is 800T rice bran per day.In the same field in our county we are the largest and also we are the first company who got the license to import rice bran from your country.Now we want to purchase rice bran(fine) which should meet to the following condition:fat 16 minimum,acid number 35 maximum,moisture 12. If you have this bran could you contact me?thank you!

Posted on : April 8th, 2012
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Posted By: Rice Supplier

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  1. Amrish Singla Says:

    We are rice millers. We wish to export rice bran.

  2. Chris Cota Says:

    We are merchandisers. We wish to export rice bran from U.S.

  3. shahed kibria Says:

    I am a businessman from Bangladesh. I am a local supplier of high quality rice bran. Now I want to export rice bran to different country. The percentage of oil is 16%-19% into our rice bran and has great demand in our local market.i have three automatic rice mill.. There are more than 200 rice mills in our area, so we collect huge amount of rice bran everyday. If your organization needs good quality of rice bran with good price, please send your requirements, we can send you our rice bran as per your demand. Please contact with me if you want. My e-mail id is shahed.2200@yahoo.com. I wish success of your organization.

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