Dear Sir, Madam,

Allow me to introduce the Crystal Group, a brand new, innovative import/export company trading worldwide in Rice, Wine, Coffee and Bottled Water. The Crystal Group moves beyond the traditional trading company, by branding, marketing and retailing all products under the banner of the Crystal Group.

The Crystal group with its head office in Sydney has established satellite offices in Pakistan, Taiwan and USA to take advantage of global marketing and retailing trends.
Additionally, we intend extending our global reach in search of partners and new opportunities to advance our business An example of this is our exclusive distribution rights in Taiwan of Australian Aloe, the purest form of Aloe Vera available, and is used for beauty treatments, night cream, health drinks and medicinal purposes.

We have also branched out into the exclusive retailing and distribution in Taiwan of exciting products such as Propolis, Vitamin C liquid (the most purest form available) and Propolis Wine. We market all our products both direct and multi levelled, for example our web page, our clients can order our products online, as well as finding where all our products are stocked. From our Aloe in Chemists to our Water being found in Restaurants, Bars and boutique food emporiums.

Our Mission is to develop Crystal into an internationally renowned import/export organization that trades high quality products and provides the value added services our customers expect, both above and beyond current market entrants. This unwavering loyalty to our customers and the belief that our relationship with them is the most important part of our business will help both to find many mutually beneficial opportunities in the future.

For further information on the Crystal Group and exciting upcoming developments, please do not hesitate to call me on the numbers above or by email